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  • Summer 2022: everything you need to know!

    May has just ended and that means that we can finally get ready for some good weather – and we have been dying for some sunshine! Not only to get some of that vitamin D, but also, our dresses, shorts and swimwear have missed us – and we have missed them. But now that we have welcomed back our summer wardrobes, let’s talk about something that is equally important:this summer’s hottest handbag trends.

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  • The Anouk Bag in all her glory

    The Anouk Bag is one that can't be a positive way! The bag has a vintage feel and look to it, yet, it still looks modern. That's possibly due to the fact that the colors are very 2021. We believe that a good outfit consists of different elements; the clothes, the shoes, the WOMAN and, of course, the bag...

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