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All the handbag trends you need to know about for the summer of 2022

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May has just ended and that means that we can finally get ready for some good good weather – and we have been dying for some sunshine! Not only to get some of that vitamin D, but also, our dresses, shorts and swimwear have missed us – and we have missed them. But now that we have welcomed back our summer wardrobes, let’s talk about something that is equally important: the summer’s hottest handbag trends.

We have been looking around town and scanning the internet and social for some good inspo – and we have found it! We are pretty sure that everyone has noticed that the past couple of years we have experienced a true blast from the past. Everything retro and vintage was hot, and it still is! The trends from this summer have surprised us, and truly, it’s giving what it’s supposed to give. We’re getting more creative, we are getting more casual, but also more over-the-top! So basically, you can’t go wrong this summer. Everyone wins.

Ahead, you’ll find five summer bag trends for 2022 that you’ll love. These handbags are going to lift every outfit to the next level for sure.

  1. Crafty creations

This trend is maaajor right now. We have seen it on every runway for the upcoming summer collections. Let us explain what the ‘handcrafted’ bag is. This is the casual, beachy, creative, quirky trend of the summer. This is where we go back to basics and embrace designs with a ‘handmade’ feel. From upgraded grocery ‘net’ shoppers, to beads, to crochet. If grandma can make it, it’s hot.

  1. Illuminating 80’s neon

This trend has been popping up every now and then for a few years now. You can’t miss it: it’s NEON. Your handbag might be small in size, but it needs to be BIG in personality. This is also a great way to spice up a simple outfit. A good neon handbag will do that for you. If it’s the same color as one of your highlighters, it works.

  1. Tote-ally awesome

This is a trend we embrace and love! It’s so simple and practical. Get yourself a nice and sturdy tote bag that is big enough to carry all your essentials – and then some. Small handbags are great, and with the right one, a small handbag can make quite the statement. We love unique shapes and sizes, crafts, colors, and all that good stuff, but the tote is a classic. The totes have also been evolving. Designs, colors, and shapes are getting more creative this year so keep your eyes open! And if you need a little more spice, look for leather tote bags or ‘hybrid’ tote bags. With ‘hybrid’ we mean the smaller and leather kind. This mix between a regular tote bag and a regular handbag is the best of both worlds. Who says you can’t do both? This is 2022, and we are women, we can do everything.

  1. Match made in heaven

Want to make a statement? Match your handbag to your outfit. You might be thinking: “Uuuuh, hasn’t that been in the fashion constitution since the beginning of time? How is that a new trend?”. You’re absolutely right but hear us out! This year we are taking it to the next level. We’re talking bold prints on your bag and the exact same bold print on your dress, shirt, pants, everything! This also works with textures or bold colors. Match it to the T! So, if you’re wearing black leather pants, wear a black leather handbag and a black leather top, with black leather shoes – Kim K style. It might feel a little over the top, but again, this also works with colors. So, if the leather texture from head to toe is a little too domanatrix for you, try a nice bright color. Fully blue outfit, fully green outfit, it all works. No need to balance things out anymore. 2022 babes, the world is our runway.

  1. Glitter plus you equals glamour

Shine bright like a diamond, always. This year, we are competing with the sun. And boy is the sun going to catch some good competition. This summer everything that reflects light gets a GO. Sparks will fly, and if you lose your friends on a night out, just wave your handbag around – we’re sure they’ll find you. Over-the-top is a positive statement this year – and that’s exactly what we’re going for. There are no downsides to this trend honestly. The only negative we can think of regarding the glittery handbag is ‘not having it’ – so go get one!

That's summer 2022 for you. A handbag is essential for women. We can't carry all these great qualities we have in just our hands. It's just not going to fit – so might as well invest in a bomb ass handbag to help us with that. As you can see, there is a wide range of fun designs to invest in this summer – our orders have already been placed! A neon handbag to wake up the neighbors on the morning coffee run, a commuter tote bag to carry all our essentials for making dreams come true to the office, a crafty carrier to turn every festival into Coachella – or every beach into Malibu – and a glitter bomb to carry out the sun’s duties at night. Light up these streets boo! And if you have a date – statements need to be made. A match made on Tinder calls for a ‘match made in heaven’ outfit. Let these people know who they are dealing with. Manifest that perfect match!

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