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Have no fear, hot girl summer is here!

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I don't know if this is something that only our team has struggled with, but have you ever ordered a satin slip dress online that looks great in the pics... but when you put it on... it sticks to your body and everything your wearing, or not wearing, underneath is showing? Well, we have. And we're annoyed. I mean, let's be honest here. Ever since this trend came around we've all wanted one. It just looks great, it's sexy and if you find the right one, it's also hella comfortable. The versatility of these dresses is also great. I've worn this Rêveuse Rotterdam dress to a wedding with my killer high heels and to the park with some cute ass dunk low's. In both settings it just worked. What's great about this one is that my family didn't have to disown my for practically being naked (has happend before... by accident...whoops) but I actually got a compliment for how elegant the dress looked. WINNING!


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